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"I'm new to this event and I was so impressed with all the staff. They were all so pleasant and helpful. I was very pleased with how organized everyone was at the event in North Little Rock. I hope to do more in the upcoming year, plus get more involved with setup or cleanup. Thank you for all your hard work. "

Sue in North Little Rock, Arkansas

"I'm a shopper and consigner in the WLR event and this past fall sale also volunteered at the WLR sale and shopped/consigned the GLR sale. I only discovered your events last spring thanks to my friend Sandy, and I'm now hooked! I'm planning to volunteer more hours for the spring WLR sale to get to shop even earlier! Thank you for organizing such wonderful events where parents can buy great merchandize in great condition at pennies on the dollar. I'm a bit ashamed to admit it, but now that I know what fantastic bargains there are to be found at your sales I have trouble sleeping the night before ..... kind of like Christmas Eve for Mommies twice a year! "

Heather in Little Rock, Arkansas

"Omg! I love Rhea Lana's! Its a mother heaven! "

Jessica Hart