Acceptable items are listed on this website under the Room by Room guide. We do have limits in Shoes and Junior Girls listed below. In addition, we will also accept these transitional items for our Spring event:

We are receiving Spring/Summer clothing in Children's, Junior (limit 25 hanging items in Junior girls), and Maternity sizes. This includes tanks, swimsuits, spring jackets, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter and 4th of July outfits, flip flops, white sandals and white dress shoes. We will accept name brand shoes such as UGG. We are also accepting children's dress up clothes. Please group items together so that they will equal a value of at least $3.00. They may be pinned together on a hanger.

What are my Consignor Options regarding printing barcode labels to stick on my tags?

Option 1 - Request to have your Barcode Labels mailed directly to you! Complete this form and your barcodes will be mailed straight to you for only $4! You can also purchase string tags, safety pins and zip ties to be mailed with your barcodes. All requests must be submitted by noon each Monday to be mailed out Tuesday morning or by noon on Thursday to be mailed out Friday morning. Click Here To Complete The Form

Option 2 - Let us print them for you free of charge. You'll pick them up and label your items at the store on one of the Drop Off Days.

Option 3 - Let us print them for you free of charge. You'll pick them up at one of our Early Barcode Label Pickup Days and label your items at home. Then bring your already labeled items on Check In Days. We will check your items at Consignor Check In and if they are in numerical order and all accounted for, we will then guarantee your items.

Option 4 - Print your barcode labels at home using a COLOR PRINTER. Follow the directions CAREFULLY that appear after you enter your items. Label your items at home. Bring your labeled items on Check In Days. We will check your items at Consignor Check In and if they are in numerical order and all accounted for, we will then guarantee your items.

Can I bring my spouse or mother with me to the Pre-Sale?

We are now allowing Pre-Sale Shoppers to bring any ONE guest with any ticket or pass you hold. Due to capacity limitations, children will count as a guest for this sale.

Can I bring children to the Pre-Sale?

We love children (we are moms, too!) But we are extremely busy on Pre-Sale and our floor is very crowded with lots of wonderful merchandise. There isn't much room to maneuver strollers with babies. We strongly suggest that you NOT bring your children to the Pre-Sale. Due to capacity limitations, if you bring your child they will count as your guest. Just bring a tape measure and their measurements and enjoy a mom's night out. Children are welcome to attend on one of the Public shopping days.

Can I use the money I make from consigning my items to purchase items?

Yes! One of our favorite things returning this season is Consignor Credit! On certain days of the sale, Consignors will be allowed to use the "credit" they have made from selling their items to purchase new items! We know you will love this!

Can I be a consignor in several Rhea Lana's events?

Absolutely! Just register for a unique consignor number for each area event. Each of our high quality events operates on a separate database which allows us to track every single item and offer our exceptional Consignor Guarantee - if we misplace an item we will happily pay you for it on Consignor Pick Up Day. That has always been part of the Rhea Lana Model.

How do I secure small pieces with Toys or Equipment?

Place them in a ziploc bag and attach the string tag to the inside of the bag using a small piece of tape along the top of the tag. Seal the bag with packing tape. Write your consignor number and price on the bag. It is also a good idea to include '1 of 2' and '2 of 2' for items with multiple pieces.

When I sell items in a ziploc bag, how do I attach the price tag?

Attach the string tag to the inside of the bag using a small piece of tape along the top of the tag. Please do not seal the bag with packing tape until you have had your items checked at Consignor Check In. Write your consignor number and price on the bag.

What if my item is not worth your minimum price guideline of $3.00?

If it meets our "excellent quality" standards, then group it together with one or two more like items. Pin them together on a hanger, or group them in a ziploc bag and put one price for the entire group.

Should I iron my clothes?

Wrinkled clothes do not sell! We will likely send them home to you if they are extremely wrinkled. Please do what is necessary to make your clothes look clean and nice. Remember, the better they look, the more likely they are to sell!

Can I enter additional batches?

You may enter additional batches under separate consignor numbers until we reach maximum capacity. Remember, the Participation Fee is $12.50 per consignor number. Once you have entered 200 items in your batch, you will need to sign up for a second consignor number and start a new batch under this new consignor number for any remaining items. This is different than when you could start a new batch. With a new Consignor Number, your $12.50 participation fee will automatically be deducted and no additional consignor fees will need to be paid at check in.

I don't smoke, but my husband does, what if there is a small amount of smoke odor in my children's clothing that I am bringing to sell?

We are not able to accept ANY clothing that has odor of any kind. When it is hung on the rack with other clothes, the odor spreads. We must be sensitive to children and families with allergies and we absolutely cannot sell any items with smoke odor, pet odor, or any other kind of odor. Clothing with pet hair is also not acceptable.

What is an All Star Consignor?

Did you choose for all of your items to sell at half price and to donate all of your unsold items at the end of the event? If so, you qualify as an All Star Consignor! This earns you an extra 2 hours of shopping time! (Formerly known as "The Bump") You also qualify for our Drop and Go service. With this service you don't even get out of your car! You select a drop off time, we unload your car and we put your items on the floor for you! The link to sign up for Drop and Go appointments can be found on our Consignor Services page.

What do I need to know about Pick Up Day?

Consignor Pick Up day will be Monday, March 15 from 10 am-1 pm and 5pm-7 pm. Your RL Consignor Check will be ready and any unsold items neatly sorted. Consignors will need to bring a photo ID. If you are only picking up your check you may come in at 9:30 am or 4:30 pm. If you are unable to pick up your items you may send us an email to with the name of the person who will pick up your items. They will need to know your Consignor Number and have a photo ID. Please note that items are not guaranteed if they are not picked up by the Consignor.